Environmental Health is the foundation of public health. We have a solid history of protecting Floridians from environmental hazards where they work, live, and play. In union with 67 county health departments, we do it all, "To protect, promote, and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, and community efforts."
Bulleted List. We help ensure the safety of 50% of Florida's drinking water.
Bulleted List. We inspect more than 37,000 public swimming pools twice a year.
Bulleted List. We regulate 2.3 million onsite sewage systems, serving 30% of Florida's population.
Bulleted List. We lead the nation by monitoring beach water at more than 240 beach sites.
Bulleted List. We issue over 28,000 construction permits and 9,000 operating permits for onsite sewage systems each year.
Bulleted List. We have monitored migrant farmworker housing since 1959 and currently permit over 800 migrant housing establishments with a total of 11,301 living units.
Bulleted List. We inspect 1,600 tanning facilities annually throughout the state with more than 7,100 tanning devices.
Bulleted List. We inspect over 11,000 food service establishments.
Bulleted List. We monitor the treatment of over 30,000 tons of biomedical waste generated by over 39,000 facilities, rendering it safe for disposal.
Bulleted List. We have raised the bar nationally with our Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE-EH) projects which enable 21 Florida counties to tackle pressing environmental health concerns as a part of a community-based effort.
Bulleted List. We inspect over 5,600 Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks annually.
Bulleted List. We license over 700 septic tank contractors and 800 certified environmental health professionals.
Bulleted List. We are part of Florida’s public health emergency response to almost every disaster situation.
For more information visit www.myfloridaeh.com.

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